AM Ceramic (M) Sdn Bhd (1003114 v) was incorporated in Malaysia on 23rd of January 2012. The company was established as as private limited company and is a multi-disciplined organisation capable of producing a range of high quality ceramic hand formers. AM Ceramic is an established company with operating office and factory in Kapar, Selangor. The company was initialised with a paid up share capital of RM1,000,000.

Our expertise embraces a range of hand formers for the use of glove manufacturing. The company currently has an established infrastructure with a planned turnover around RM1.5 million per month.

AM Ceramic specializes in producing Examination Hand Formers, Surgical Hand Formers, Household Hand Formers and Heavy Industrial Hand Formers. The company commerced operations in January 2012. After installation of newly imported machineries, kiln and running trial runs with the latest production processes, commercial runs commenced in late July 2012. This year 2019 newly installed Main Advance Machineries for the production: Automatic Gas kiln can give us a perfect production of 5000 formers for a day, New Semi-Automatic Casting line has the capacity of production 5000 formers per day and Fully Automated Spray machines are able to support the daily production target and give us a very smooth surface of the finished products


AM CERAMIC is committed to supply highest possible quality and prompt delivery and services of Hand Formers to manufacturing industries.


To achieve very High Quality Standard of Hand formers.


  • Our management has put in place a good control practices with proper documentation and good traceability at every production process units.
  • We always purchase good quality of Raw Materials from only reputed supplies who are all ISO certified companies.
  • We employed skill workers with keen sense of duty and many years of working experience on the job.
  • We have an IN-HOUSE laboratory full scale of measurement equipment to monitor the quality check on every production process points.


Fully Automated Kiln
Fully Automatic Spray Machines
Semi-Automatic Casting Line


Currently we have in operation with 6 manual bench casting line with a production capacity of 2400 formers per day and A newly installed Automatic conveyor system casting line with production capacity of 2880 formers per day

We have the facilities stand-by for the production capacity of 100,000 to 150,000 piece formers per month, with superb quality of formers to ensure customers satisfaction

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